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Karly, I too am feeling revtjenaued after doing a bit of hibernating this winter. We have switched gears with homeschooling. My children are only 2 and 5 and I have come to believe that pushing any academics with my five-year-old was not only too much a challenge, with her not able to sit still for long and the two-year-old not napping anymore, but could even be detrimental to other aspects of her development. So, we're not  learning to read  anymore or doing math prep exercises. Instead, we're spending more time baking, crafting, cleaning together around the house, and keeping to a more regular home rhythm. For us, that includes an earlier bedtime (we start the process at 7pm and are generally finished between 7:30 and  and of course, an earlier wake up time. Except for Thursday playdates, we don't leave the house during the week until late afternoon. Instead, we do our morning routine of breakfast, brushing hair and teeth, making beds, morning blessing and circle time, getting outside or doing an indoor activity baking is a favorite if the weather's crummy. I've learned to attend to *my* daily needs a little more and now our afternoons include a quiet time, snack (with caffeine for Mommy), and a seated activity like painting or crafting. One afternoon a week, this includes going to a local Waldorf school for Folk Art School, where I am learning to make puppets while the kids play with other children in the kindergarten room. By taking care of my own needs for rest, I am better able to keep my Inner Bear in check. I've explained to my kids that Mom has a Bear inside of her who comes out when she doesn't get enough rest and that seems to help the oldest one grasp the importance of our quiet afternoons.Another thing I started doing this year is  Mom's Morning Off.  On Sundays, I leave the house before anyone else is awake and head to my favorite cafe, with a book and my laptop. I enjoy a leisurely breakfast, plan our week's activities, catch up on email, read a bit, and sometimes go do a little child-free shopping before returning home at noon. On the weeks when I've needed to get work done at home or just extra  me time,  my husband takes the kids out to a friend's or to the science museum before I get home and I have the house to myself for the afternoon. These days are great for me, but also for my husband, who gets some time with the kids, unmediated by Mom. He's started his own rituals with them (special pancakes, listening to  Dad music  while they clean up the house) and it's great for me to come home, refreshed and renewed, to a family that's happy to see me and express a renewed appreciation for me.
Wydawca, założyciel wydawnictwa "Studio Astropsychologii" w Białymstoku. Twórca [[:kategoria:programy astrologiczne|oprogramowania astrologicznego]], opracował i wydał pierwsze w Polsce ''[[Janusz Nawrocki; Efemerydy planet 1920-2050|Efemerydy planet 1920-2050]]'' i ''[[Janusz Nawrocki; Astrologiczne tablice domów|Astrologiczne tablice domów]]''. Absolwent Politechniki Warszawskiej.
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Wydawca, założyciel wydawnictwa "Studio Astropsychologii" w Białymstoku. Twórca oprogramowania astrologicznego, opracował i wydał pierwsze w Polsce Efemerydy planet 1920-2050 i Astrologiczne tablice domów. Absolwent Politechniki Warszawskiej.